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How to Use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for Outsourcing

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Established in the year 2005, Amazon Turk is considered to be among the pioneers of online commercial outsourcing platforms for micro jobs. This particular platform was devised as a means to accomplishing such small jobs that demand human intelligence. By successfully integrating a web-based tool into their platform, they have automated the use of their Mechanical Turk program. Today, countless internet users across the globe skim through this online marketplace to seek specific jobs posted by international businesses that suit their specific skills set.

The nature of jobs posted on Mechanical Turk program is such that they can only be accomplished through human effort. The upgraded user interface of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk has allowed internet-using freelancers as well as businesses a higher degree of convenience. This has encouraged them to more easily manage a higher amount of outsourced projects and tasks. As a result, freelancers subscribed to the program can manage multiple tasks simultaneously without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, the web-based user-interface is intuitive and extremely user-friendly, and guides task commissioning businesses through the overall Human Intelligence Designing (HITs) simultaneously. This allows businesses to effortlessly publish hundreds, possibly thousands of HITs at a given moment, while also allowing them the convenience of monitoring and tracking progress of assigned tasks. The user-interface also makes the often laborious task of retrieving work results an exceptionally undemanding one.

The best thing about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is that it shuns conventional application programming interfaces that were previously a vital prerequisite for automation. Instead, it uses an array of innovative, state-of-the-art web-based tools that are specifically designed to facilitate assignment of human-based tasks to a workforce numbering in the thousands and spread across more than a 140 countries. Furthermore, templates are also offered in a bid to ease the creation of tasks.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk allows job-commissioning businesses to enjoy various economies. Firstly, because the platform aptly fits into the overall concept of on-demand business, companies are only obligated to pay for technology and services as per their need. This, in turn, allows businesses the flexibility to expand or contract the scale of their operations in accordance with the prevailing market trends and the demand for services. In short, businesses need not pay for resources that are not utilized during peak-time.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk also integrates some of the latest online computing technologies available on the internet in the innovative Amazon Web Services. This is essentially computing technology provided across a network to facilitate businesses in the expansion and contraction of their storage capacity while also allowing them the convenience of processing and database activities. A range of other tasks are also provided by Amazon Web Services through a pay-as-you-go structure.

The introduction of a range of new tools into mechanical Turk has greatly facilitated businesses in how they respond to job demand. Moreover, Mechanical Turk also allows the convenience of prompt and hassle-free payment with Amazon Payments, an online payment platform that allows quick and effortless payment while also maintaining a log of all transactions, whether they are receipts or payments.