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My Grandma Uses Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Using Mechanical Turk to Make Extra Money

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In the wake of the global economic recession, countless businesses across the globe have resorted to corporate downsizing as an effective cost-cutting measure. As a result, many laid off employees, having lost their jobs, have come to realize the grave reality that they are expendable assets. However, there are others who have wisely redirected their skills and experience to other more lucrative and profitable job opportunities.

Becoming a Jack of All Trades

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a work-for-hire program that allows you to make money by simply subscribing to Amazon. All you need is an internet connection and an Amazon account and you can immediately start making enough money to earn a decent living. Moreover, you don’t even need to submit a résumé or a job application in order to qualify for the job. The nature of tasks that you will be asked to perform can vary depending on individual expertise.

This means that where one task may demand that you transcribe a certain piece of audio, another one may expect you to match pictures to a range of business names. However, the one thing that is common about all these tasks is that they are practical in nature so that they cannot be assigned to an automated computer device. All these tasks are also extremely easy to perform.

Amazon Mechanical Turk follows the concept that certain jobs are better accomplished through human effort, intellect and input rather than mechanical computing. This is specially the case with jobs that involve the creation of handwritten reports or that request your opinion and reasoning on a certain matter. This is primarily why all jobs posted on Amazon Mechanical Turk are termed Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs).

Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace for intellectual capital. It introduces task-commissioning businesses to the appropriate labor that has the capacity to accomplish assigned tasks. Its unique task-system provides convenience in management of job listings while also recording the outcome of all tasks that have been driven towards completion.

Therefore, simply by establishing your very own personal account on Mechanical Turk, you can avail the manifold opportunities presented by a plethora of online businesses. To top it all, Amazon also provides the perfect programmer interface that greatly facilitates dealing with Requester (Task commissioners) as well as making and collecting payments.

Moreover, accepting task assignments is simple and you can as easily submit them to the commissioner for review once the task has been completed. Upon passing the inspection, you are entitled to receive a predetermined payment, which is credited to your account. If you believe yourself to be a determined and hard-working individual, you can build up your own reputation by earning an excellent grade from businesses.

Apart from being a great option for laid off employees, Amazon Mechanical Turk is also great for students who wish to earn some pocket money to buy things they have wanted to buy. In the end, it all comes down to two important things; how diligent and determined you are and how you conduct yourself in the market.